Katie Lugo is an NYC based actress and singer who was raised in Suffolk County (Long Island,NY). As a child, she loved to make up stories about aliens and strange lands, allowing her imagination to get carried away fairly often, and enjoyed any chance that she got to be able to sing. She quickly discovered that she found great joy in storytelling and that music and theater would have a huge impact on her life after being "forced" by her mom to attend an Improv class. 

Since that moment, Katie went on to pursue theater with an excited yet strong spirit throughout her high school and college career. She was nominated for several consecutive years in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival and went on to be in the top three in her region out of 300 nominees. Katie was also fortunate to receive a fellowship to study Shakespeare and his contemporaries at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art after graduating with a B.A from The City College of New York.

Since graduating, Katie has been working professionally as an actress in NYC and has had the opportunity to bring important stories to different parts of the United States. She sincerely admires the impact of live theater and its lasting effect on people of all backgrounds and ages, and finds herself endlessly inspired by audiences and their unique emotional journeys. Aside from acting, Katie is also interested in directing, photography, and makeup artistry. When she isn't on stage, Katie loves traveling, writing, exploring, and crackin' jokes with friends and family!